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Steel Profiles Scaffolds manufacturing

Scaffoldings with steel platform consisted of profiles are stronger and have higher resistance for weather conditions what makes them more durable than wooden platform. Responding to market demands we offer profiles enable to use in:

Product application:

  • frame scaffoldings

  • modular scaffoldings


  • Our production is based on internal system procedures and the highest standards, which correspond to the requirements of European harmonized standards, including PN EN ISO 9001, PN EN 10162. In addition, the quality control procedures and the quality of the products themselves, i.e. window reinforcements, are additionally verified by an independent testing and certification institute - the Qualification of Product Quality Assessment Team SIMPTEST

Materials used for production:

  • Hot rolled black steel complying with norm PN-EN 10025, PN-EN 10111(hot dip galvanization of ready elements according to norm PN-EN ISO 1461:2011)

  • Cold rolled steel complying with norm PN-EN 10130

  • Galvanized steel for cold processing and construction galvanized steel complying with norm PN-EN 10346

  • steel resistant to corrosion complying with norm PN-EN 10088



Symbol / Type

Dimensions ( mm)

Thickness ( mm)

1 STU 48/53/6 48/53 2,50
2 STU 60/30/2,5 60/30 2,50
3 STU 150/25/1,5 150/25 1,50