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Steel Profiles for Roller shutters

Octagonal roller tube is used to wind the curtain of external roller shutter. It’s one of the basic elements included in every system of window blinds. Our products are adapted to drive mechanisms sizes of the most external roller shutters present on the market.

Application of products:

  • external roller shutters system

Profile length:

  • 6,0 mb

ø40 with external seam:

  • SW4005: ø40 x 0,5 mm
  • SW4006: ø40 x 0,6 mm
  • SW4008: ø40 x 0,8 mm

ø60 with internal seam:

  • SW6006: ø60 x 0,6 mm
  • SW6010: ø60 x 1,0 mm